Featured MEG Wastewater Facility (photo above):
City of Marshfield Wastewater Plant Facility

MEG Wastewater is an organization of municipal wastewater operations that lobbies on behalf of its members to represent their interests in developments affecting wastewater management.

For more than 28 years MEG Wastewater has been an effective advocate for environmentally sound, cost effective and watershed based solutions to water quality.

MEG Wastewater has over 100 members who own and operate a variety of wastewater facilities in Wisconsin communities of all sizes. Together MEG Wastewater members serve over 1,750,000 persons throughout Wisconsin.

MEG Wastewater provides critical current information to its members on wastewater regulations and permits including monthly newsletters and free legal review of draft WPDES permits.

There is a separate MEG division known as MEG Water that lobbies on behalf of municipal water utilities. Information about MEG Water can be found at www.MEGWater.org.